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Organic extra virgin olive oil Arbequina

ARBEQUINA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Deortegas Family, Murcia, Spain.
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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina. Early harvest of organic olives. Cold pressed olive oil obtained solely by mechanical means. 

  • Olive variety: Arbequina. 
  • Producer: The Deortegas Family. 
  • Harvest period: Middle of October.
  • Harvest method: Mechanical and by hand.
  • Extraction temperature: Cold olive oil extraction 25ºC.
  • Chemical analysis: Acidity 0,1% - 0,2%.
  • Cultivation method: Organic. 
  • Region of origin: Murcia, Spain. 
  • Volume: 500 ml. 
  • Shipping weight, inc. packaging: 1,172 kg. 

Natural organic olive oil Arbequina has a fresh gentle taste and intense bright green colour. 

A distinctive feature of this organic Spanish olive oil is its saturated and complex olive aroma with a touch of green apple, banana and almond. 

Organic olive oil Arbequina is good to use in salads or rice dishes, such as risotto or paella. Also, olive oil Arbequina is most resistant to heat, which makes it one of the best organic olive oil for cooking. 

Olive oil Arbequina is very well revealed in sauces, changing and refreshing their taste in the most amazing way.

Also, you will be pleasantly surprised trying this fresh and juicy organic olive oil in your desserts.