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Linden tea from the mountains of northern Greece

Linden Tea

The Sotiroudis Family, Macedonia, Greece
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Linden Tea, 30g. 

Linden tea is a tasty and healthy drink obtained from the flowers of linden tree.
A characteristic feature of this drink is fragrant honey aroma and a very pleasant sweet taste. Natural sugars contained in linden flowers give sweetness to linden tea.

Linden grows in North America, Europe and South Asia. The most common is small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata); it grows in gardens and wild forests. The lifespan of a linden tree is 300-400 years, however, the age of some long-lived trees can reach 1000 years.

Rules for brewing linden tea.

Linden flowers used to brew tea are harvested in dry weather in the morning until the sun has dried the healing substances from them. It is believed that then linden tea will be saturated with useful essential oils.
In this case, only healthy ones that are not affected by rust and insects, fully revealed inflorescences should be selected.

To maintain the maximum beneficial properties of linden, it is necessary to brew linden tea correctly. 
A quarter of a glass of dried linden flowers should be poured with a liter of water.
You should not pour boiling water, the optimum water temperature for brewing tea is 90-95 degrees. Close the kettle tightly and leave the tea for 15-20 minutes. It is best to use a ceramic or faience teapot with thick walls. 

Ready linden tea is consumed in pure form. A very tasty drink is obtained by mixing linden and black tea with the addition of a slice of lemon and a small amount of pine honey.