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Olive Oil & Wine Wholesale

olive oil wholesale for your restaurant


You are in the right place to buy wholesale olive oil and wine for your restaurant   

    Why Choose Us? 

    Premium Quality Olive Oil and Wine
    Our producers are honest and reputable farmers who grow their own olive groves and vineyards. Their products meet the highest quality standards and constantly win awards at prestigious international competitions. We believe it's a reliable guarantee of superior quality olive oil and wine for your restaurant.   

    Diverse Selection 
    We offer a wide range of olive oil varieties to cater to various culinary styles and preferences. From delicate and mild oils perfect for dressings and marinades to robust and full-bodied olive oils for drizzling over grilled meats, we have the right options to complement your menu. Also, in our wholesale wine collection, you will find different types of wines: white, red, rose, orange, sparkling, and even chocolate wines. 

    Traceability and Transparency  
    You can trace the path of olive oil and wine from farm to table. We personally know our producers and completely trust them. You can always get the most accurate and detailed information about the olive groves and vineyards, cultivation methods, and harvesting processes. With us, you really know how your olive oil and wine are made.  

    Competitive Olive Oil and Wine Prices 
    We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness for your restaurant's success. Our wholesale pricing structure ensures that you can access premium olive oil and wine for your restaurant without compromising your budget. We strive to offer the best value for your investment.    

    Reliable Supply 
    We are here to build long-term connections and to provide reliable supply chains to meet your demands. We answer your inquiries promptly and offer personalized expert support and guidance. You can focus on running your restaurant while we take care of your olive oil and wine needs. Yes, we are fast and flexible.  

    Sustainable Practices 
    We are committed to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. We work with olive oil and wine producers who prioritize eco-friendly practices, and more than half of our products have organic certificates. By choosing us, you support a greener future. Choose MEDITERRANEAN. Choose GREEN. 


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