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About Us

Green means natural. Here you’ll never find something made in large food processing plants. We offer you fresh farm olive oil and other natural Mediterranean foods. 

You may have noticed that not all of them are marked with organic labels. Why so? 

Some farmers don’t have organic certificates since they refuse to buy organic fertilizers for their centenary olive trees that do not need any fertilizers at all. Others don't want to deal with paperwork and actually, they don’t need this. Their olive oil is always of high quality and the only complaint they get is too little production. 

Perhaps the "About" page should claim something like “our mission is to make the world a better place by supporting organic farming, healthy lifestyle, etc…” In fact, we just love delicious food and believe that it must be natural.  

So we travel through the farms searching for something special. And this store is a result of our long partnership with good people making good olive oil available to you in a few clicks: enjoy our collection!