Olive Oil Producers: The Deortegas Family

The Deortegas family have been olive oil makers for many generations and for the last 30 years have produced entirely organic olives in the traditional non-intensive way. 


Olive Oil Farms - The Deortegas Family 

In 2008 Marcelo Ortega and Rafaela Ortega created their new olive oil mill with a very clear objective: to produce delicious organic extra virgin olive oil, with the greatest possible respect for the natural environment and inspired by a true love of the olive. 


Olives growing on branch

In the Region of Murcia, Spain, with the incomparable combination of the earth, sun and Mediterranean air, the Deortegas family cultivate the five varieties of olives: ArbequinaPicualCornicabra, Hojiblanca and Frantoio


Organic Olive Oil Production

The harvest time starts around the middle of October when the fruit reaches the perfect moment of ripeness. The olives are pressed cold (below 27°C) and always within 12 hours of picking to ensure freshness and quality. 


Organic Olive Oil Arbequina - Green Papa

At the end of this process the results are spectacular. Each bottle contains the olive essence: an organic olive oil made with love and dedication from carefully selected and cold pressed olives. 

An authentic gourmet delicacy this oil will surprise and delight, elevating any dish with fresh, fruity, green, delicate or more powerful aromas depending on the variety but all well balanced and elegant. 



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