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Our Producers

Our producers are farmers who grow olives and make real extra virgin olive oil. 
Real olive oil means that this oil contains nothing but juice of olives cold pressed within a few hours  after harvesting.   

This olive oil remembers the farmer growing the tree, harvesting and selecting olives, sorting them according to their quality and ripeness. This olive oil gives you an unforgettable Mediterranean taste and fresh aroma of lemon, paprika or mountain herbs. 

Many of these people are fifth or more generation olive oil makers. They have inherited olive groves from their parents and want to preserve them for their children.
So they follow family traditions of making natural products with maximum respect for the environment, without poisoning the earth, air and water. 

Each of them is a keeper of family traditions and secrets. For them, olive oil production is not just a business or a craft.
This is their life. Yes, they really live like that. 
We have launched this online store to make real farm olive oil available for everyone in just a few clicks.
Here you can buy the best olive oils from small family farms of Europe.