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Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Mediterranean diet pyramid is a guide to the Mediterranean diet explaining Mediterranean food traditions and lifestyle; a kind of reminder what exactly and how often you should eat without feeling guilty. 

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid - Green Papa


Like it? Print it out and hang it on your fridge.
You can even drink some wine while looking at this picture.

Mediterranean diet pyramid was developed by the non-profit organization Oldways in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health.
Like everything that looks like comics, it was made in USA.

At the base of the pyramid are the foods that we should eat every day, maybe even several times a day.
This is primarily fruits and vegetables, as diverse as possible.

By the way, pay attention: the darker in color, the more anti-oxidants!

Also you can see beans, whole grains, olives, seeds, nuts, herbs, garlic and onion.

And of course, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a must, it is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.

One floor above are foods that should be eaten at least two times a week.
It's fish and seafood. 

Ideally, fish and seafood from the Mediterranean, if they are still there.
Did you know that our children are the last generation to have access to wild sea fish?
Yes, unfortunately we ate everything.

The third brick of our pyramid is poultry, eggs, dairy, cheese and wine.
They say we should consume it all in moderation, from once a day to once a week.

Cheese and wine once a week!
It seems the Mediterranean diet has been reinvented in America.
I'm just wondering how you would describe an Italian or French family that only has wine for dinner once a week.

Okay, let's move on. 
On the top, almost inaccessible shelf, they put meat and sweets, which should be eaten even less often than all other food. 
Lokkum, Tiramisu, Crema Catalana, Macarons, Fougasse Monegasque, Baklava, Soutzoukos, Kanafeh, Halva… I bet if these Harvard guys had tasted these desserts even once, they wouldn't have hidden them that far! 

And now let's look into the basement of this pyramid. 
We can see happy Mediterranean people dining with family, walking and playing sports. 

What did the authors mean by this? 
Just two things: move more and never eat alone. 
Yes, this is really important. No diet will help a person who spends the whole day lying on the couch and eating fresh vegetables in front of the TV. 

So, eat healthy food with your family and friends, dance and play football, and may the force be with you! 


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