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Winemakers: The Reja Family

The Reja family farm is located in the village of Neblo, in the wine region of Goriška Brda on the westernmost edge of Slovenia next to the border to Italy.

The hilly landscape west of the middle reaches of Soča River is delimited by Mt Korada (806 m) and Mt Sabotin (609 m) to the north, opening up in a fan-like fashion to the Friulian plain in Italy on the opposite side. The peaks afford scenic views over the Julian and Carnic Alps and Dolomites in the background, all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

The Reja family considers it their main mission to cultivate the land and produce food and wine in the way that Nature has established for many millennia. From the very beginning, the winery was engaged in organic agriculture, but in 2010 they decided to take the next step and switch to biodynamics. The Reja winery received organic and Demeter certificates, which apply not only to grapes and wines but also to all fruits that are grown by the family. 


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