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Winemakers: The Fornazarič Family

The Fornazarich farm in the Vipava Valley has a very long history and its rich natural resources have long been used for successful farming. These hilly slopes have always been planted with fruit trees and vineyards.

Over the years, the farm has expanded and the scope of individual activities has changed. Despite this, the Fornazaric family managed to keep some of the original growing methods in harmony with nature. The favorable location, climate, and cultivation method allowed the development and expansion of viticulture on all nearby slopes and thus the production of high-quality wine.

The estate is currently home to three generations of the Fornazaric family, who grow 30,000 vines on 6 hectares of vineyards with great attention to quality and care for the environment.

1991 was a turning point, because it was then that the Fornazarič family winery began with a new philosophy and restructuring of the vineyards. Basically, this meant denser planting of vineyards, less yield per vine (about 1 kg per vine) and the elimination of the use of artificial fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides.

At the same time, wines have become different, as they have acquired natural stability and the ability to be stored for a long time. Macerated, maturated and longer aging wines such as Chardonnay, Jakot and Rubino are bottled unfiltered to keep the wines as lively, intense, and full-bodied as possible.


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