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Winemakers: Cultus

At the very beginning of the Vipava Valley, behind the stone walls of the village of Podraga, there is a small family boutique winery called Cultus. 
Slovenian winemaker Matej Žvanut creates his wines here. 

Cultus Wine - Matej Žvanut Wine Philosophy

The viticulture and winemaking traditions of the Matej Žvanut family date back to the 17th century.

It was once a traditional mixed farm that grew grapes and many other fruits. Now only grapes are grown here and only wine is made, and only a few, usually 3-4 varieties. 

Each vineyard of the Žvanut family is a different story.
Here they follow the rule: to produce good wine, you need to know it well and take good care of it. Therefore, each vineyard - special attention. 

Cultus Winery - Vineyards

The level of mechanisation is low - most of the work in the vineyards is done by hand, as it was before.

The family cultivates a small area (3.5 hectares) of vineyards. Vineyards are part of a dynamic landscape and are located in different areas around the village.

Since 2005, the vineyards of the Žvanut family have been planted with white varieties such as Pinot Blanc, Zelen, Malvasia and Riesling, as well as red Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

In our collection you will find Cultus Red, Cultus White, Cultus Zelen and Cultus Eclipse wines.  

Cultus Wine Matej Carolin
And when you are in Slovenia, be sure to visit Podraga. Here you’ll be always welcomed by Matej and Carolin, young owners of the Cultus winery, with whom you will experience fun and unforgettable wine tasting in Vipava Valley.




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