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Fifty Names for One Little Olive

Sevilliano is a popular Spanish variety of olives and its name is widely known both in Spain and internationally. Wait a minute, what name? Sevilliano?

Good question. Actually, the name Sevilliano is only used in its homeland, the province of Seville. This olive variety is called by other names in other regions and countries. Here are just a few of them: 

Callosina, Callolina, Cornicabra Blanco, Cornicabra Parda, Cornicabra Parda de Villena, Picúa, Yeclana, Campanil, Campanillo, Campanita, Campanita de Ecija, Manzanilla, Manzanilla Real, Manzanilla Cordobés, and Sevillano, Caspolina, Gordal Sevillana, Basta, Sevillana de Caspe, Gordal Sevillana, Branquita, Forna, Manzanera, Manzanet, Manzaneta, Manzanilla de la Rivera, Mochonenca, Vall de Gallinera, Vall de Gallinera, and Vall de Gallinera, Villalonga, Manzanilla Prieta, Bolondo, Manzanilla Basta, Manzanilla Negra, Manzanilla Serrana, Manzanilla Cordobí, Manzanilla Fino, Morisca, Perillo, Perito, Picudo, Varetuda, Pico Limón, Pico Limón de Grazalema, Morisca, Manzanilla del Piquito, Pico Cuervo, Nevadillo de Madridejos, Sevillano de Jumilla, Villalonga… 

Kind of embarrassing, isn't it? Everyone knows you, but no one knows your real name and no one knows that the one they know is the same one everyone else knows, but they don’t know that they know exactly the one everyone knows.

Well, you get the idea: do not be like Sevilliano. Never be shy, speak your name loudly and proudly everywhere, so that no one tries to promote their name, exploiting your good reputation. 




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