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Magical Christmas Mulled Wine Recipe

Mulled wine has long been the quintessence of Christmas walks.
That’s why we share our favourite winter drink recipe.  

So you will need:

Mulled wine recipe

- 1.5 litres of red wine
- 500 ml of pomegranate juice
- 50 ml of berry liqueur
- 200-300 gr of apples
- 200-300 gr oranges or any other citrus fruit
- Spices and herbs (cinnamon, basil, cloves)
- Honey or sugar to taste 


Are you ready? Well, let's start! 

1. Pour wine, pomegranate juice and liqueur into a container, heating over medium heat.

2. Add chopped fruit, then cinnamon sticks, a couple of grams of cloves and basil to taste. If you love berries, remember that they will make the mulled wine more sour, and you’ll need more honey or sugar.

3. Once you notice the mixture boiling, reduce the heat and simmer for a few minutes. Add honey or sugar to a cooling drink and leave the mulled wine to soak for 10-15 minutes.


History of Mulled Wine

They say (of course, no historical facts) that the ancient Romans invented mulled wine. With this drink the Romans were saved from the cold in their extremely severe winters. 

They simply heated the wine and warmed themselves with this drink in the cold season. Later, this tradition spread to the territories conquered by the Romans. 

In the Middle Ages, people began to heat up wine along with herbs and spices. Thus, mulled wine has turned into a more refined and delicate drink. 

According to another (more plausible) version, mulled wine in ancient Rome was just wine with spices. This drink became hot much later, in the northern countries of Medieval Europe. 

After some time, the popularity of mulled wine reached Sweden, where it was reinvented and received a new ingredient, without which it is now difficult to imagine: honey. 

Moreover, in Sweden, mulled wine first became a Christmas drink and began to be sold in bottles with the image of Santa Claus. 

And here is how Mulled Wine sounds in other European languages:

  • Kuhano vino - Slovene
  • Gluhwein - German
  • Vino Caliente - Spanish
  • Grzane Wino - Polish
  • Vin chaud - French
  • Vin brule - Italian
  • Svarene vino - Czech
  • Forralt bor - Hungarian 



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