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The Mediterranean diet is the key to your healthy life. Extra virgin olive oil is a cornerstone of your Mediterranean diet.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frantoio




Taste & enjoy AEGAEA
Premium Greek Olive Oil AEGAEA

FEATURED Early Harvest Olive Oils

Unfiltered Olive Oil PROTOLEO


Intense full-body taste, a slightly bitter finish and herbal aroma with hints of freshly-cut unripe wild olives. PROTOLEO is an ideal olive oil for pasta or grilled fish with vegetables.

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Organic Early Harvest Olive Oil AEGAEA BIO


Full fresh flavour with a touch of grass and dried tomatoes. Saturated fruity taste and rich texture of organic olive oil AEGAEA BIO goes well with salad, white cheese or avocado.

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Organic Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil HOJIBLANCA


Complex, powerful fruity taste with a light touch of cut grass, apple and almond. Perfect with red meat, fish and vegetables as well as with tapas and side dishes to add personality to your meal. 

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The Best Olive Oil in the Northern Hemisphere

Buy the Best Olive Oil in the Northern Hemisphere
Olive Oil VANJA - Best Olive Oil in the Northern Hemisphere
Organic Olive Oil Producers - The Deortegas Family - Murcia, Spain

Who made the olive oil you just bought?

Meet your personal olive oil expert!

We'll help you to tell real extra virgin olive oil from... a similar substance available in the supermarket. We have driven thousands of kilometers and explored hundreds of farms to find the best olive oil for you. Visit our blog and learn more about olive oil. And then visit our shop and buy real olive oil from small family farms of Europe.

Mediterranean Meals You Can Cook at Home

Cooking these Mediterranean dishes doesn't require from you any special skills or spending hours at the stove, while still allowing you to enjoy the fresh taste of real Mediterranean food. So why not try incorporating them into your diet and see the benefits for yourself? 

How to Start Your Mediterranean Diet?

Starting your Mediterranean diet, you don't need to give up your hamburger forever. Just agree with yourself that now you get it a little less often than before.  And instead of missing a couple of hamburgers a month, you will enjoy grilled salmon and a glass of organic orange Pinot Gris. Deal? 

Mediterranean Diet in Sardinia

Sardinia is an incredibly beautiful and unusual island, especially if you visit it during some traditional costume festival with music and dance. Also, Sardinia is called the island of longevity. And it seems that it's not just because of the Mediterranean diet...